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Every communication with the customer is always a marketing opportunity. SENDnLINK takes this challenge serious and we offer an Integral or stand alone solutions for direct and transactional mail for businesses, institutions, and governments.

Simply provide the data files through our secure channel and we will do all the rest:


Documents Generation services is primarily used to communicate with your customers, it is the heart of our Print & Mail and Multi-Channel Communications Services, but we are able to provide it as a stand alone services. Document generation services creates the output files for both Print and Electronic Channels.

Using one of the most advanced data processing software allows us to work with virtually any kind  of raw data (csv, txt, pdf, excel, xml, images files, ASCII, etc) and provide a great output where a challenging customization of documents can be done. We will be focus in your design requirements. 

Data Generation Services can be used for disaster recovery purposes too. For example, some clients send data files to SENDnLINK to automatically process and output to print-ready PDF files in case the client experiences equipment failure or a natural disaster.

Great fit for Documents Generation Services:

  • Reports

  • Bill & statements

  • Promotional documents 

  • Notices

  • Statements with targeted marketing messages

  • Invoices with one to one promotions 

  • Checks 

  • Grade reports 

  • Insurance policies and forms

  • Financial portfolio reports and updates

  • Discount coupons 

  • Postcards 


Having the right mailing list is a necessity for any campaign to be successful. Selecting the right criterias sometimes can be a challenge,  let us help! With years of experience, the SENDnLINK's team will work with you to isolate your target audience to generate your mailing lists in an easy and affordable way.

We can create mailing lists of businesses and consumers using several selection criteria you might need:

  • Geographic: City/State/ZIP, radius around an specific place or a neighborhood

  • Demographic: Age, Income, Gender, Credit score, presence of children

  • Behavioral: Lifestyle activities, religion, political affiliation

  • Life stage events: New parents, new homeowners, new movers or retirees

  • Business type: Business Industry, Annual Sales Volume, Executive Title Code, Credit Rating, Number of Employees, years in business


Since 2008, more than 40 millions of Americans change of residence every year. This is the biggest cause of undelivered as addressed mail. With our Address List Cleansing services will help you stay in touch with your moving customer and reduce returned mail and waste.

We work with the most accurate tools available to enhance your mail list, let us:

  • Identify moves in you mail list and update their address information

  • Identify and eliminate duplicate records of your mailing list

  • Validate, correct, and standardize your address data

  • Save on production time 

  • Cut waste and reduce undeliverable mail

  • Postal postage cost

  • Increase response rates

  • Stay in touch with customers who have moved

  • Include Intelligent Mail® barcode


Exception Processing is a means to separate bills that require special attention during processing. Share with Us your needs and We will fine the most effective way to handle your requirement.

Document imaging services converts physical files or publication, into an electronic files that can be shared or storaged in the media of your preference,  making your company more efficient, secure and compliant. Files can be created in a variety of formats to fit your needs.

Any business that is looking to streamline their physical files and make them more easily accessible should take advantage of our document imaging solution. Here are some industries that can be a good fit for this service:

  • Education   

  • Transportation

  • Retail

  • Legal

  • Non-profit organization

  • Financial Services

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Increase the productivity of you organization, providing access to the information from anywhere at any time

  • Greater integration with business applications

  • The ability to reuse existing resources limited by its format

  • Integration with the organization's procedures for disaster recovery and backups

  • Potential reduction of physical storage space

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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