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Embrace eDelivery

Determining a digital communication strategy while maintaining physical mail delivery can be a daunting task for any company. Our eDelivery solution meets this need by allowing companies to continue to send physical mail while enabling recipients to evolve to electronic delivery.

Our eDelivery solution enable you to:
Manage customer delivery preferences
Track traditional mail and electronic mail status and events
Download custom reports
Easily manage exceptions
Improve cash flow
Migrate customers from traditional mail to effective and secure email communication
Simplify payment transactions
Store encrypted documents for customers

Let’s face it, customers behavior is constantly changing. Today, our customer demand their communications delivered in the  channel of their preference. Researchs show that more and more customers are adopting digital communication versus traditional mail, also there is a bigger tendency to embrace electronic payments due the the security and convenience offered.

SENDnLINK offers an eDelivery solution that can help you to manage those preferences and maximize their ability to easily send critical customer communications through traditional mail or an alternate digital channel. 

65 % Traditional Mail

46 % Email Inbox

14 %  Biller's Website

13 % Consolidator Website

Consumer Delivery

Whether it's marketing materials, educational material, transactional (statements, e-bill also e-payments) or after-sale communications, we have the people, processes and technology to make it possible. We will work with you to streamline the process of merging creative concepts with customer data so you can offer the ideal communication for each individual.

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