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Direct bulk mailing is an easy and economical way to create awareness of your business, reach your members, or distribute information. SENDnLINK takes care of the mailing services needed for a successful direct marketing campaign.  Our experienced team is eager to analyze your project and provide you the right solution.

There are two common methods to choose from:  First-Class and Standard.  First-Class bulk mail (sometimes called First Class commercial mail) is required for personal correspondence, bills, or statements of account.  Standard bulk mail usually consists of sales flyers, form letters, or other printed pieces (CD/DVD for example) of mail that are identical in content.

You can arrange with your print shop to deliver the printed material directly to our facility where it will be barcoded and sorted according to postal standards.  Once the job is processed we prepare USPS Statements, deliver the mailing to the Post Office, and notify you of the completion by your preferred contact methods.  Contact us today for a free consultation quote.


Often the least expensive but an effective way to send advertising, invitations, and etc: Small size (USPS First-Class, 4"H x 6"L); Large size (6"H x 9"L, 6"H x 11"L), etc.


Letters can be merged, personalized, printed, and folded/inserted/sealed into either regular or window envelopes.


Booklets or flats are typically enveloped and exceed at least one of the maximum dimensions for letter-size mail (11-1/2" long, 6-1/8" high, 1/4" thick).


A self mailer does not require an envelope, but must have a white space for address and barcode in the address page. When folded, an opening must be on top side for tabbing.


Often includes an invitation card, ticket, or reply card in a custom size envelope. Envelope must be in light pastel or white color.

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