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This service is essential for companies with an average daily volume of more than 1,000 First-Class mail-pieces. First Class mail is the most cost effective way to send documents that include personal information, including:

  • Letters

  • Cards

  • Postcards

  • Personalized mail

  • Invoices

  • Bills

  • Statements

  • Contracts

We process your mail in our secured facility to prevent from a potential loss by strictly adhering to our same-day-processing policy and having a physical proximity (only 2 blocks away) to the USPS General Facility in San Jose. We have two programs available for First-Class mail depending on customer's needs and mail volume: Regular vs. Company-specific.

The company-specific program allows customers to meter at a lower automation rate than the Presort rate, but, with additional sort fees and postage upgrade for non-automatable mail pieces. We will recommend to you which program is beneficial to you after we review your mail pattern and daily mail volume.

Regular program allows customers to meter their mail at the USPS Presort rate and receive all the benefits listed below at no cost. All you have to do is just meter mail at the discounted presort rate.

  • Same-day processing

  • Mail pickup at customer's site

  • USPS Postnet Barcode

  • Sorting to 5-digit zip code

  • COA (Change Of Address) - new address printed onto mail piece for accurate mail delivery

  • Automatic postage upgrade for non-automatable mail

  • Delivery to USPS in secured trays and cages

  • Hand-written mail processing (separation not required)

  • Tray Supplies

  • No administrative costs with no invoicing

  • Weekly report as needed

* The Presort rates change according to the USPS rates.


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